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Day Trip to Dracula’s Castle and Rasnov Citadel
1 day
Find the Hero behind Dracula's legend during this day trip! Discover Dracula’s Castle and Rasnov Citadel!

Day Trip to Dracula’s Castle and Rasnov Citadel - Between Mystery and History

Imagine a world where history, mystery, and traditions are combined into an authentic land, a place where architecture speaks about real or imaginary stories of medieval heroes. This day trip takes through the land of History and Mystery at the gate of Transylvania where you are to visit Bran Castle, the so-named Dracula’s Castle, and the peasant citadel of Rasnov, proof of local culture and living at the gate of Transylvania.

During this day trip you will discover the truth beyond Bran Castle, you will understand where legends and reality meet and discover the culture of Transylvanian people by visiting one of the oldest peasant citadels, an amazing edifice built on a mountain peak. You are to have a private tour experience,  traveling with your guide, away from the crowds.

What to expect from this day trip to Dracula’s Castle and Rasnov Citadel?

  • The entire comfort of a private trip: private car, certified guide only for yourself

  • Pickup and drop off at your hotel in Bucharest

  • Travel into the Transylvania’s land of legends, history and nature

  • Discover the true story about Dracula

  • Travel through the authentic realm of the Carpathians, the Amazonia of Europe

Rasnov -Citadel-Brasov

Your Day Trip in Brief

Are you curious about Dracula’s Story and truth behind the castle that people believed it used to be inhabited by Vlad the Impaler? You’ve heard tons of stories about Transylvania and you would love to find out more about this place? Are you eager to learn about the Man Behind the Legend? This day trip is for you, then!

The day trip from Bucharest to Dracula’s Castle starts at 8.00 AM, reasons for which we kindly request you to be 10 minutes earlier.

A trip is not complete in Brasov county, the region where you are heading to unless you have visited Brasov. You leave the history of Bran Castle behind and drive in your private to the crown city, a treasure of Saxon architecture and vivid life.

You are to leave the crowded city of Bucharest, driving along Prahova valley river and the mountain resorts Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga, and Predeal. From there on, the road will take you on a serpentine road, through the forests to Transylvania, up to the town and citadel of Rasnov.

Rasnov Citadel - day trip to Brasov from Bucharest

In Rasnov, on the top of the hill, as a guardian, there is the old citadel that keeps the proof of old Transylvania. Rasnov used to be a commercial and agricultural town on the border of former Transylvania, the neighboring county of Wallachia, where Bucharest nowadays is. The panoramic view from the top of the fortress is mesmerizing, the history is long and spicy.

Next stop is to Bran Castle where you will find the truth about this 14-th amazing edifice, living behind the mystery. There are no vampires on your way, but long history to tell and amazing view to enjoy from the walls of the castle. You surely find some souvenirs to buy from the famous castles, as well as you would enjoy the work of artisans.

You will return to Bucharest by evening when your guide will drop you off at your hotel in Bucharest.



Transport by private car with all taxes included (road)

Certified guide all along

Private trip experience

Entrance fees

Road taxes and other expenses


× Drinks, meals and personal expenses

× Tips


  • After booking this tour, you are going to receive an email on our behalf regarding departure time and extra info.

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