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10 days tour of Romania
10 days
This is a Magical Mystery Tour on Romanian land, across History. Explore Mountains, Cross rivers, Meet local. Discover with us!

Experience the Local Feeling, Enjoy Nature, Understand History - Magical 10 Days Tour in Romania

This is more than a Nature, Culture and History Tour in Romania. It is a quintessence of millennial being of Romanians on their land, compressed into 10 days experience. 

A brief history of Romanians and a short introduction into this tour:

Romanian History is very old and complex, with carved tools and some of the oldest
modern human remains found in Europe discovered in these territories, habited since 40.000 BC.

Also, the earliest known salt works in the world are at Poiana Slatinei in Romania, around 6.050
BC. Discover this mysterious part of the world for which the Romans, the Greeks, the Huns, the
Byzantines, the Slavs or
t he Ottomans have fought.

The ancestors of Romanians are considered to be The Dacians - “the ones same with
the wolves”. Have you ever heard about the Werewolves or the Lycanthrope? It is believed they
were the Dacians! Is there a coincidence that the Vampires are believed to come from the same region?
It might be!
Book with us on this amazing 10 days tour where you will experience the best of Romanian
history, nature, and culture!

Is this History, Nature and Culture Tour in Romania for you? 

This is what you'll  experience:

-  the pieces of evidence of a Roman naval port and fort, a Greek ancient city, the lost city of Wallachia

– the place where Romania’s greatest national hero Michael the Brave was born (he was the one who unified Romania for the fist time during 1600) 

-  the mystical Dacian mountain altar

- a Teutonic Knights Fortress

-  Saxon Fortified Church. 

Above all these, you will spend a night in the only inhabited medieval fortress in Europe and of course, two nights in the most lovely, natural and peaceful place in Romania – Florinka’ home!

You will ride the boat through the Danube Delta Channels chasing hundreds of birds and admire bears in their natural habitat. It is more than this, but you have to experience it!

Ready, Set... Book your Experience in Romania!





Transfer to Bucharest Hotel. Late Breakfast, recovery day in Bucharest.
The first day will be also the most tiring and stressful one. Your guide will wait for you at the airport and will ensure that you will get fast and safe to your hotel. Late in the morning, after your breakfast, we will try to have a typical Romanian day in Bucharest.

We will ride the metro, the tram, and the trolleybus in our way to discover the real pulse of Bucharest’s inner life.

Bucharest - Histria – Enisala

This is the day that we leave Bucharest for good! Beautiful Romania is oDanube Delta during 11 Days tour in Romaniaut there and we have to discover it. We will head for the Danube Delta but in our way, we will visit some interesting things.
The first stop will be at Adamclisi, the place of the First Roman – Dacian War, the place where Romanian History started. After we visit the monument and the museum we head to Histria – the first urban settlement on Romanian territory, founded by the Greek colonists. In the evening we will be at our Danube Delta Pension in the middle of wild nature, eager to try all the local fish dishes.

Boat day – Gura Portitei – Jurilovca

We will let the sun wake us up and the hosts to cheer us up with the coffee and the breakfast and after that, we will take the boat to a magical place. On a narrow strip of sand, between the Black Sea and The Danube Delta, we will find a place which is not discovered even by most of Romanians – Gura Portitei! We will enjoy this natural resort all day until the last boat will take us back.

Tulcea – Murighiol – Boat day

Today we will visit Tulcea Harbor, and we will hear the story of the Romanian Olympic World canoe Champion – Ivan Patzaichin that at 1972 Olympics broke his ore in the middle of the competition but somehow he managed to win the gold medal. If we are lucky maybe we will meet him in person at his Danube Restaurant.

After that, we take the boat to go in the heart of the Danube Delta, in the heaven of swans, pelicans, mallards, coots and egrets.

Murighiol – Pestera

We all want to spend a night in a peaceful village in the mountains to find the Romanian traditions and pure nature. But did you know that here is the place where a Dacian Tradition, two thousand years old is preserved? Every year on the night of October 25 to 26, fires are lit on the hills and youngsters gather around them for “The fire of Sumedru”. We will enter in the Bats Cave, the one that gives the name of the village we will visit.



Today we will trek  Zarnesti Gorges and the ridge of Prince’s Rock mountain. And above all, we will enjoy the views.

Rezervatia de Ursi Zarnesti – Feldioara – Sighisoara

Today we will leave the beautiful Pestera Village early in the morning to see the bears at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti, a place where over 70 saved bears are enjoying their new life. After this, we will visit Feldioara Fortress – a 13th-century fortress, built by the Teutonic Knights in our way to the most beautiful, medieval, well-preserved city in Romania – Sighisoara. The place where Vlad the Impeller was born is the “must see” city of Transylvania. We will lose ourselves on the tiny streets of Sighisoara, taste the local dishes and spend the night here.

Biertan – Sibiu

During the 13th century, Sighisoara was in competition with another three citadels, Biertan, Medias and Sibiu for the title of “The Capital of Transylvania”. At the end of the contest, one of them had the biggest and strongest fortified church, one of them was the most beautiful citadel, but only one of them was named Transylvania Capital. Today we will discover all of them and choose our options.


A trip to Romania is not complete without the most beautiful roads in the Carpathians: Transalpina and Transfagarasan. If one of them is the highest, reaching 2,145m above sea level (7037ft), the other one has the best views, being named “World’s best road trip” according to the BBC TV Show Top Gear.

Transfer airport

Why do all good things come to an end? We hope that this experience will enrich you, both spiritual and cultural, and you will find the dream place to live.


We have included basically all costs without lunch or dinner:

+ 10 Days accommodation in 3* or 4* Hotels - breakfast included, or in mountain Traditional Chalet– two nights in Bucharest, three nights in Danube Delta, two nights in Pestera, one night in Sighisoara, one night in Sibiu, one night on Transfagarasan

The guides costs, accommodation, fuel and road tax, transportation for 2100 km, parking taxes guiding services.

+ All attraction fees, entrance fees, National Parks fees, Local Taxes, Bridge Fees, Environmental Management Charge, all tickets, Cable Car tickets if needed

+ Two-day boat rides on the Danube Delta Channels

+ Tourist Assistance 24h


× Tips

× Souvenirs and personal shopping


  • This is a private tour so you will enjoy the permanent attention and advice of your guide. 
  • There are moderate walking distances and stairs, this tour cannot be available for wheelchair travelers or severe walking disabilities.
  • Please dress appropriately, Romania is a temperate country with cold winters and hot summers.
  • After booking this tour, you are going to receive an email on our behalf regarding departure time and extra info.
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