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Road trip on the Best Road in the World - Transfagarasan
1 day
Are you a Fan of Traveling on Scenic Roads? Join us in this Private Tour on The Best Road In the World - Transfagarasan!

The outlines of Road trip on the Best Roads in The World - Transfgarasan

Crossing Fagaras Mountains, is a memorable experience, as Transfagarasan road has its scenic beauty. It’s not only us saying this, but also the Top Gear Team was enchanted during one of their drive tests, exclaiming: “This is better than Stelvio. This is the best road in the world! ”

You are going to enjoy the majestic serpentines and the amazing landscape at your own pace, while the spectacular road unfolds in front of you. The Fagaras Mountains are going to welcome you with its incredible sceneries, beautiful peaks, tall trees, rivers flowing, waterfall running loud, lakes mirroring to the sky.


Why you should experience this private road trip on Transfagarasan

There are road trips that are worth experiencing like a lifetime experience. This day trip it is one of them! By choosing the private road trip on Transfagarasan you can enjoy fully the scenery, but also the guide can help you with the story of how the road was built.

You may stop to take pictures when appropriate and you are going to admire the picturesque mountains surrounding you. As a fact, during a private tour, you surely feel better the road, the drive, and the local spirit.

Briefly, this is what to expect from this day trip:

  • Experienced driving on one of the most incredible roads in the world

  • A scenic landscape that you are going to admire in your own rhythm

  • Enjoy Fagaras mountain landscapes on one of the highest roads in Romania

  • Admire the majestic beauty of the mountains and glacier Balea Lake at the top of the Transfagarasan


Itinerary for Road Trip on Transfagarasan

Route: Bucharest- Curtea de Arges - Poenari Castle (Vlad’s Impaler Fortress)- Transfagarasan - Balea Lake -   - Bucharest

You are going to wake up in the morning, as at 6.00 AM you are going to meet your guide who is going to drive you in your private tour along one of the most beautiful roads in the world, Transfagarasan. We kindly ask you to be 10 minutes earlier in order to embark and leave in time as we have a long way ahead. It is a road trip as a journey as you are to meet one of the most appealing roads in the world, encounter the countryside, see one of the real edifices built by Vlad The Impaler, so named Dracul.

You leave Bucharest behind driving the highway to Pitesti. Shortly after you will enter rural Wallachia and travel village by village up the Curtea de Arges. This town used to be the first capital of Wallachia and the old town reminiscences stay as a witness of history. In proximity, there is Curtea de Arges church which is built with human sacrifice, as the legend says.

On the way, there is Poenari Fortress, built during Vlad the Impaler reign. Vlad the Impaler was not a vampire as in Bram Stoker’s novel, but a local hero, surely a cruel one.  Built on a peak of a small mountain, the citadel was built not with the local labor force, but with boyars, noble persons, who betrayed Vlad.

Then, you are going to ride through the mountains, onto the spectacular road Transfagarasan. The realm of beautiful nature will accompany you all the way to Balea Lake.


You are going to turn back to the hotel by night accompanied by your guide.


Transport by car with all taxes included. Private conditions and comfort

Experienced guide

Entrance fees

Pick up and drop off by the hotel



× Meals

× Personal expenses and souvenirs

Special Note: This road trip is available during the summer months. Please check with our availability.


  • Please dress appropriately, Romania is a temperate country with cold winters and hot summers.
  • This is a private tour so you will enjoy the permanent attention and advice of your guide. 
  • After booking this tour, you are going to receive an email on our behalf regarding departure time and extra info. 
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