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Most beautiful places in Romania - A brief introduction


When we speak about most beautiful places in Romania, we do not have an unbiased opinion. That is because we really love this land and people and everything is just Fabulous. Yet, we have places that we and our tourists love the most and we are to focus on writing about them.


Before proceeding into our story about the most beautiful places in Romania, we have a recommendation: Do Not Miss This Destination! It might become addictive visiting, but it feels so good! The nature is amazing, people welcoming, food is tasty, mountains and Danube Delta are joy for sore eyes. Just come and delight yourself!

Danube Delta - a place to visit during romania tours

What to see in Romania? It takes a lifetime to discover its wonders and it’s not enough!


Romania is a complex destination and offers joy to everyone. If you love nature, you will wonder from one end to another during your trips.

When your are interested into history, the story of this country and its places will captivate you.

If you are a city lover, you will surely resonate with  the amalgamation of old and new in Bucharest and vivid spirit, find enchanting the vibe in Brasov or charming the lifestyle and architecture in Sibiu. But this is not our short list of best cities to visit in Romania, as every single  place in Romania has its beauty.

Romania is 100% authentic due to its ancestral traditions and amazing rural life. Passing through villages, encountering locals, understanding Romanian culture in its depth will bring you closer to this beautiful destination.


Nature in Romania - The Entire Geography Manual Can be Experienced into A Comprehensive Tour

Fagaras Mountains- Balea Lake on Transfagarasan

Romania is bless with beautiful, amazing nature and this is not us saying, but the geography of this land. If you are to travel a full tour in Romania, you are to discover and experience the beauty beyond your geography lesson. We start from south- east where  Danube Delta, UNESCO Heritage, offer us an entire spectacle. Thousands of species of plants, birds, insects and animals coexist to offer to us the most incredible show: the wonder of nature. Travel ashore and meet the Black Sea coast, joyful and bathing in splendor of the sun.


The southern side of Romania is covered in grains and gardens. As you go northwards, the landscape becomes more dramatic and the peaks of Carpathians fills you thrills and joy. Hills, meadowes, caves, rivers, waterfalls  or forests seem simple accessories that give the Romanian mountains a unique touch. The nature in Romania is simply spectacular!

What to see in Romania - our short list for places to visit!

Wherever you land, you will find something special to do eor see in Romania. Follow our footsteps!

What to see in Bucharest

Palace of Parliament - Communism trip - Bucharest

First of all, if you land in Bucharest you have to visit Palace of  Parliament, troll on the alleys of Village Museum and have a tour of Bucharest. Stop for awhile and have drink in the old town. Discover the history of communism during a day trip or understand local history while walking on Calea Victoriei.


Top Castles to Visit in Romania


There is no Romanian holiday without visiting Peles and Dracula (Bran) Castle, as one of the most visited attractions in Romania. While Peles Castles has a fairy like charm and monarchy story, Daculațs castles attracts yearly million of tourists due to mysterious stories.  While you are taking this short tour in Carpathians, doțt miss Brasov, the crown city!

Activities and Nature blend together for a  Special Experience in Romania


Nature  and activities are our special treat, this is why for every tour we have an active  version. Trek on the trails of Carpathians, discover the beautiful treck of Buila Vanturarita mountains, challenge yourself to via ferrata on Stam Gorges, reach the rooftop of Romania and you will understand the depth of this country.


Ready for a new experience? Join us and together will discover the most beautiful places in Romania!


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