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Added on 2018-11-12 19:44:34

Most famous attractions in Romania - Our Tourists Pick


That Romania becomes an interesting destination for tourists from the entire world is fact. Newspapers and bloggers carry on praising this country’s authenticity and the experiences they savoured during their holiday in Romania. If you are to travel for the first time in here, we are writing here a short list of the most famous attractions in Romania. We are to mix reasons and experiences, hence you should map a tour on your own taste and budget.


Here you are to find castles and attractions, as well as the most visited cities in Romania or mountains to trek.


Dracula Castle (Bran) - one of the most famous attraction in Romania


There is no holiday in Romania without visiting Bran Castles, so named Dracula Castle. This is the most visited attraction in Romania and data and figures prove it. The edifice, built on a mountain rock in Carpathians has a gothic authentic aspect. Actually, the truth is that the castles has nothing to do with vampires, but with most beloved queen of Romania, Queen Mary who refurbished the entire castle at the beginning of 20-th century.

The second important and visited attraction is Peles Castle, an amazing architectural masterpiece built for King Ferdinand- the First King of Modern Romania.

Things to do in Romania - Bucharest is a start!


Most trips and tours in Romania start in Bucharest and this city is an attraction for itself! You can even plan a city break in Bucharest, spend several days visiting and partying without getting bored. Bucharest has a specific beauty that connects time and space. Situated on the southern side of Romania, the city architecture is divided into eclectic and French, communist and new, modern glass buildings, being such an inedite experience to travel north to south ( from airport to outskirts of the city).


You have a large pallet of museums to visit, activities to attend or pubs to enjoy!  As we speak about most famous attractions, while you are in Bucharest you should visit palace of Parliament. You either love it or hate it, but never forget it!

And if local activities are not enough for you, you may always take a day trip from Bucharest.


Historical places in Romania and UNESCO heritage sites are must see attractions

It is less known that Romania has an incredible, tumultuous, history and that is reflected also in tourism. There are famous attractions, UNESCO heritage, that actually are pieces of history. Sarmizegetusa Regia used to be the capital of Dacia, the ancestor land of nowadays Romania and has an over 2 milleniums history.

As we spoke earlier on about Dracula, it is worth to mention that Vlad the Impaler, the one who inspired the Bram Stoker character was a local hero and tourists visit historical sites imbued with his history. So is Poenari Fortress, old court in Bucharest, Targoviste fortress, Comana or Snagov Churches.


These are only a few examples and referral, actually if you travel in Romania you  will discover historical attractions at every step.


Best Mountains in Romania


Carpathians are the main chain of mountains in Romania and, boy, they are spectacular! Named Romanian Alps, they have a special, majestic beauty. They are not as tall as the Alps, but surely they are green and friendly. The forests are colourful,  the peaks spectacular, the tracks are mountaineers best friends.

Best mountains in romania- carpathians

Bucegi Mountains are the most famous of them all, that is due to the strange rocky formations like the Sphinx, The Man (Omu) or the Old Ladies (Babele), to their beauty, but also because they are close to Bucharest.


Fagaras Mountains are also an attraction for mountaineers as they gather together the highest peaks (Moldoveanu - 2544 m, Negoie 2535 m, Vistea Mare - 2527m), but also one of the most famous road in Romania- Transfagarasan.


But this not all Romanian Mountains has to offer! Buila Vanturarita is amazing through its virgin forests, Apuseni by their calm beauty and amazing caves, Macin by their selenat beauty. Actually every path on Romanian mountains has a specific charm that you will never forget.

Best Roads in Romania


For those who loved Top Gear, there is a known fact that Transfagarasan is a famous attraction for riders and drivers. The road is spectacular, so is traveling on it, even if you don’t drive the car as the landscape is scenic.


Transalpina is another famous road in Romania, less know as it was more recently built. Actually, Transalpina has more to offer to tourist that chose to cross the road:  fabulous views and the experience crossing mountains from Wallachia to Transylvania. One thing you should take into consideration when you plan your tour in Romania: These two roads are closed most of the year ( opened June to October/ November, depending on weather conditions).


Lovely country, isn’t it? Follow us for more stories about famous attractions in Romania!


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