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Added on 2018-02-28 11:55:15

Why you should choose a custom private tour in Romania instead of multiple day trips?


A custom private tour in Romania or in any other country is not an extravaganza, but on the contrary! It is a mean to visit more, save money and understand your destination quite deeply. And we are here to explain why.


In our experience as tour operator, we met tourists that book multiple day trips. Actually, most of them do this mainly from a sense of certainty that they would visit the best attractions in that specific country. It is an option, but at the end of the tour they are exhausted and spend a considerable amount of money travelling to destinations they have never wanted, but they were included in day trips.  But lets explain Why you should choose a custom private tour in Romania instead of multiple day trips.

A custom private tour in Romania saves you money

Many tourists do their research in their hometowns when target to visit a country and then choose and book  individual day trips for the most attractive destinations. At the end of their holiday they realise that spent quite a plenty of money and it happened to visit a city or an attraction twice as it was on the itinerary of various tours.


Lets give an Romanian example.  You want to visit Sighisoara, Brasov and Bran Castle and book three individual day trips. At the end of the holiday, you discover you have visited Brasov  at least twice. This is the time you realise that you also have paid to travel back and forth across the country a considerable amount of money which you may have spent it on other destinations.


A custom private tour in Romania saves you time  and you may visit at your own pace


When you book different day trips interfere a kind of waste of time, one of your most valuable assets - during holidays and not only. Just consider the example we gave you earlier on: you book a day trip to Bran Castle and 2,5 hours (minimum) are dedicated to reach Brasov, that takes 5 hours back and forth.


Then you take another day trip to, lets say for the sake of argument, Fagaras citadel. You are to  visit Brasov again, when the most efficient way was to travel straight to Fagaras ( for another hour or so !) and evidently you have the advantage of moving only forward.


Those hours weated you may have invested in discovering news places, realx in a lovely restaurant or just do some souvenir shopping.


A custom private tour in Romania helps you discover more


When you go for disparate day trips waste at least 1 or even 2 days of your 7 days holiday going back and forth same destination. If you choose a custom tour, during this time you may have visited at least another two attractions or even large distance destinations in Romania (for example you may have travelled from Transylvania to Bukovina).

A custom private tour in Romania helps you better understand your destination: geography, culture and people


When you go for a custom tour, the entire journey has a specific geographical sequence that helps you understand the country from most points of view, including local culture. For example you start a tour from Bucharest, travel northwards to  Brasov- Sighisoara- up to Maramures and you know you have visited Transylvania. You meet specific people, architecture and culture, eat special meals. Than you cross the mountains in Tihuta passo and arrive in Bukovina - Moldova. The building architecture change, the churches look differently, the food is tasty, but yet, different. Hence, a custom tour makes a logic and helps you understand the authenticity of a specific region in a country, in our case, Romania.


Besides, a custom private tour gives you the privilege to be guided by the same person and helps you interact with locals. You create human connections and, in the end, make a new friend. Friend that takes time to explain you everything you need to understand about you destination.


If you plan a holiday in Romania test our sayings and ask for a private tour!


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